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CACC Board Meeting Minute

By Min Kang (secretary)


Date:  September 14, 2006  Time:  12:00 pm.
Place:  Old Republic Title, San Jose, CA

Attendees:  Dennis Wan, Kwok Cheung, Mimi Lam, Min Kuang, Ray Su, Jack Wan, Yoshio Nakanura, Paul Chang, Jennifer Otani, Helen Wang, Eric Wong, Susan Liang, John Tran and Chuck Luu

1.  Treasurer's report – As of end of August 2006, the balance in the general checking is $7,528.79; Checking Plus (Scholarship Accout) is $5,098.17. We issued 3 checks to scholarship winners - $500 each. Checks have not been cashed.

2.  Eric Wong to confirm CACC’s 501C3 status.
3.  CACC registered at both Festivall and Story Road Merchants’ Association Expo at the cost of $100 each. Both events will provide a table for CACC and members of CACC can put out flyers for their business.

4.  Recruit Chairs on board:
Speaker Chair - Jack Wan & Helen Wang will form a sub committee to solicit inputs for topics and research on the subject
Membership Chair -  Dennis suggested to focus on restaurant owners, we can invite inspectors to conduct a seminar and translation to the owners.
Eric suggested that we gather the information from inspectors and put together a pamphlet, and offer the restaurant owners the pamphlets to attract them to join CACC.

5.  We request college students in their internship program to help CACC; We can assign them definite projects.

6.  Susan to update CACC website dates. We should post job opening, board meeting minutes and event pictures on the website. Susan requested that members to give her original pictures to post.

7.  Dennis proposed that CACC should have board meetings at a definite time & place each month, and everybody agreed. 

8. Open – Ray suggested that CACC create a list of CACC recommended restaurants and have restaurants to pay to get on the list.   

Meeting adjourn at 1:25 pm.
Submit by Min Kuang



Time: September 20, 2005. 7:30 pm

Venue: May Flower Restaurant, Milpitas

Attendant: Mimi Lam, Dennis Wan, Kwok Cheung, Min Kuang, Alex Liao, Edwina Leung, Hanson Chu



A. 2006 Flower Fair:

We still have not finalized the venue, there are 4 possible venues:

1. Cisco systems parking lot, by Oct. 1 we need to get an answer from Jim Cuneen, 2. Milpitas Town Center , 3. Former Milpitas High School (Across to “Ocean supermarket”), 4. Parking lot across to San Jose Fairmont Hotel

Action Item: Finalize an event venue


B. Financial Report:

1. As of August 31, 2005 General Checking balance $8,506.52, Scholarship checking $5,093.22

2. The board agreed to transfer both accounts to Bank of the West. The two accounts will be strictly separated and documented properly. The total profit from 2005 Flower Fair is $3,500, we gave out $1,500 scholarship and the net balance should be $2,000.

3. KC proposed to apply for a debit card for the convenience of reimbursement.


C. March 2006 China Trade Tour:

1. We will target Non-Chinese to join this trip. The target industry is Home Improvement. Maximum number of people to go is 20. The dates are March 16-22, 2006. KC got a quote of $1,700 per person including air fare, 6 nights of 5 star hotel (single occupancy), ground transportation, meals and 3-day tour in GuangZhou .

2. The cost should be quoted in double-occupancy and put in a note that price are subject to change.

3. By Oct. 31, flyers should be ready and we will start promote the tour.


Action Item:

1. Dennis will convey our decision to make travel arrangement in the US with Ms. Tse in Guangzhou, and get a quote for her service charge is there any.

2. Edwina will check with another travel agent to get a quote on the tour.

3. Finalize cost of the trip and have Owen to design and print flyers


D. Promote CACC image and recruit more members

Hanson suggested that we need to have a program director to coordinate and promote our organization. The board invited Hanson to join CACC and be the program director. Here are some promotion ideas that the board came up with:

Revisit bylaws and endorse events; sponsor concerts or events in Santa Clara County to make our name known to the public, assign a promotion budget, Decide target members and send out letter to recruit more members or invite them to donate to community events. We can co-sponsor seminars with business partners; attend the “festival” for minority chamber of commerce in December.



E. Oct. general meeting.

Dennis already arranged a speaker to talk about the rise of China in the last decade. Meeting date is Oct. 19, 2005. Mimi suggested that we use media to promote this event to attract more attendants.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm

Submitted by Min Kuang, Secretary of CACC, September 21, 2005


CCAC Board Meeting Minute

By Min Kuang (Secretary)


Time: 12:15pm August 18, 2004

Venue: May Flower Restaurant, Great Mall

Attendant: Mimi Lam, Dennis Wan, Kwok Cheung, Min Kuang, Winston Chin, Jack Wan, Susan Liang



A. Chinese Flower Fair 2005

Venue : Parking lot in front of May Flower Restaurant at Great Mall in Milpitas outside gate #3

Time: 10am-6pm on Jan 29-30, 2005

Booth: 10x10 with No Electricity

Roles & Responsibilities

Application Forms, Vendor Screening, Invitation Letter, Liaison with Great Mall, Media, Ribbon Cutting, Finding sponsors

Dennis Wan will be primarily responsible for the items on the left, Min will be assisting Dennis

Information Booth,

Jack & Winston along with volunteers

Flyers & Posters

Susan's son

Tents tables & chairs, Treasurer


Volunteer Coordinator

Min (call middle school for volunteers)

Insurance, Signs & Banners


Program book (Paid members 50% off)

$250 one page

$150 half Page

Susan to design

Jack will contact Amy for help

Jack committed to solicit for 4 pages

Security Patrol

Check with Union of Great Mall

First Aid Kit



Singtao to hold Karaoke?


1.Dennis shall bring levels of sponsorship of the event (5000, 3000, 2000, 1000)

Provide free booth & ad to sponsors?

2. Finalize booth price

*Winston suggest that we could sell our booths to entertainment vendors such as casinos and tour agents.


B. Min will email the scholarship committee to meet and prepare for 2005 scholarship.


C. Membership chair should send out new membership renewal invoice (Dennis has a sample of the invoice)


D. Winston will host the September General meeting, he should give out details later.


E. Membership chair shall update email list with new comers' information, Min will update this time when Bin is absent from her maternity leave.


Submitted by Min Kuang, the secretary of CACC, August 25, 2004

CCAC Board Meeting Minute

KC for Min Kuang (Secretary)


Time: 12:45pm, July 7, 2004

Place: Parc Hong Kong Restaurant

Attendant: Mimi Lam, Dennis Wan, Kwok Cheung, Winston Chin, Bing Rui, Jack Wan

Absent: Roger Eng, Eric Wong, Susan Liang



  1. Membership listing: Bing Rui has the list and has sent out the email to remind members to renew and update their memberships.
  2. Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development (SVCITD) has invited us to hold a seminar on doing business in China . Dennis will work with Bing to come up with a recommendation on the speaker.
  3. Regarding George Young's funeral, Jack contacted Roger Ng to give an euology in the funeral but Roger cannot make it due to family matter. Jack will replace Roger as a representative of CACC to give a speech. Jack mentioned the contributions of George to CACC and encourages all of us to attend if we can make it.
  4. CACC website is up and the names of member can be found in the website. The Board encouraged all CACC members to link their ads. site to CACC as a benefit for being CACC membership. Anyone interested, please contact Susan.
  5. All future CACC announcements and/or invitations should be sent out from CACC email address.
  6. In response to our April minutes on Board member attendance, James Chang replied that he is willing to serve in the Advisory Board.
  7. On Y2005 Chinese New Year Flower Fair , Dennis has left a message to Great Mall manager. Since the manager is on vacation, Dennis will follow up on this matter.
  8. July general meeting will be cancelled.
  9. Jack Wan will in charge of coming August general meeting. He will hold the meeting at his house on August 6 th (Friday evening) from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Everyone is encourage to bring a new member. There will be BBQ that evening and expenses paid by CACC.

Jack's home address is 6521 Camden Ave. , San Jose , CA 95120 . Phone number is 408-831-8838. Please RSVP by August 3.

Meeting adjourned at 1:15pm.


Submitted by KC for Min Kuang, the secretary of CACC, July 7, 2004


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