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Welcome to Chinese American Chambers of Commerce

What is the Chamber?

The Chinese American Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization which is non-partisan and non-sectarian, Membership is open to everyone in the business community who shares the Chambers's goals.

What Are The Chamber's Goals?

The Main goals of the Chamber are:

To Present a strong unified voice of local Chinese American businesses and professions.
To Organize, assist and further the development of Chinese-American businesses in the Bay Area, especially in the Santa Clara Valley. Businesses include those in the retail, financial, wholesale, professional, industrial and marketing fields.
To Cultivate and secure positive Chinese-American business participation in community affairs.
To elevate the standing of Chinese-American businesses in the community.

How Does The Chamber Accomplish These Goals?

Sponsor, separately and with other organizations, educational seminars.
Support laws beneficial to our members and inform members of laws affecting their businesses.
Help community groups raise funds.
Provide scholarships to promising students.
Organize political candidate forums.
Serve as a business resource for members and provide a forum for the discussion of material interests.

For membership application, please click here


8/15/2014 - 2012 CACC Scholarship Winner
8/8/2014 - Sept. 20, 2014 - 4th Annual Teen Volunteer Fair: Connecting Students with Non-Profits!
6/6/2014 - CACC 2014 Scholarship (UPDATE)
3/2/2014 - CACC 2014 Scholarship
3/5/2014 - 2014 Scholarship News
3/2/2014 - Year of the Horse, Scholarship Fund Raising, Dinner Dance
7/17/2012 - CACC July Mixer
6/19/2012 - CACC June Mixer
5/15/2012 - CACC May Mixer
4/17/2012 - CACC April Mixer
3/20/2012 - CACC March Mixer
2/21/2012 - CACC February Mixer
2/12/2012 - CACC Chinese New Year Dinner & Dance
1/28/2012 - Teen Volunteer Sign Up Fair
1/17/2012 - CACC January Mixer